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Lorain County Ohio State University Extension Office Hands-On
Educational Programs & Workshops

The OSU Extension offers composting programs for both adults and youth. These programs allow students to conduct simple experiments to better understand how composting helps the earth, plants and improves soil structure. 

The approximate length for Adult programs can be from 30-60 minutes long, depending on the group's need and timeframe.

Get the Dirt on Composting with Fungus, Bacteria, & Invertebrates (F.B.I.)

Learn how Fungus, Bacteria, and Invertebrates (Decomposers) to help turn organic matter into vitamin-rich soil. Help save the planet!

Composting in a Bottle

Students will create their own mini compost system to study the various component of compost and how they can create a compost pile at home. 

Improving That Soil Environment

Program focused on improving the texture of clay soil through the use of compost.

Turning Those Leaves into Compost Gold

Turn those fall leaves from a chore into an assist to help your garden grow better.

Compost Creatures

Students learn about the inhabitants of the compost ecosystem and appreciate what is involved in creating healthy soils. Teachers select how the students will learn to identify these creatures by either an activity of making a field guide or play a fun game of compost creature bingo.

To schedule any of these programs, please contact Ann Chanon of the OSU Extension for Lorain County at 440-326-5851 or contact Ann by email.