Lending Library

Welcome to the our online Lending Library!

The District offers a FREE Online Lending Library to help educators teach children about reducing, reusing and recycling. The catalog collection contains a variety of books and movies that may be requested to use at any time. 

Here is a sneak peak of some items in the Lending Library!

Books: the Michael Recycle's series, The Lorax, Compost Stew, and Earth Ninja.

DVD's: WALL-E, Bill Nye the Science Guy series, School House of Rock series, and Disneynature - Earth.

If you are interested in borrowing any of the materials listed in the Book or DVD Catalog Collection tabs, please feel free to Request Resources.

If you are an educator, you may also be interested in our Educational Services, or activities listed in our online KIDS Corner. 

For more information, please call Brandi Schnell at 440-328-2249, or send us an email.