Lorain County's Bicentennial

Lorain County is gearing up to celebrate her 200th Birthday, and we welcome you to join in the festivities!

As with any major undertaking, there were several steps in the process that created what we know today as Lorain County. It all started December 26th, 1822, the date Lorain County was created on paper, but the government was not yet operational.

On February 14th, 1823, Elyria was chosen as the County Seat, and the first Commissioners were elected over a year later, in April of 1824.

Finally, judicially recognized, an established County Seat, and elected government officials, Lorain County's Commissioners held their first-ever meeting on May 24th, 1824. This was the date Lorain County was officially organized and operating as a fully-functioning governmental body, the date we recognize as Lorain County's Bicentennial!

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