History of the Commissioners


Conrad Reid (pictured above) 

Lorain County Commissioner, 1835-1838

Lorain County was established in 1824, and is governmentally administered by a board of 3 elected Commissioners. Several notable streets and avenues which dot Lorain County were named after past-serving county Commissioners. For example, Reid Ave, in Lorain, was likely named after past-commissioner Conrad Reid (pictured above). Also, Durkee Road in Grafton (named after Commissioner H.A. Durkee, 1899-1905), or "Rawsonville" (the original name of the Village of Grafton), named after Commissioner Jonathan Rawson, 1835-1836). There are so many connections to draw from our history which can be seen around our community, every day. 

The Lorain County Records Center retains records of Commissioners' Journals going back to 1824, detailing their meetings and governmental actions. Researching these documents enabled us to reconstruct a list of the County Commissioners. Through further research, we were also able to uncover most of their political party designations, which include Democrats and Republicans, but also "Free Soilers," and Whigs! We welcome any member of the public to come in and study these fascinating documents, helping illuminate the history of these important community leaders, and the governmental actions they instituted. Please click the link below to learn more! 

The Lorain County Records Center would also like to recognize the efforts of Thomas Ivancic and Theresa Upton, who's research contributed immensely to the reconstruction of this list. Lorain County will celebrate her Bicentennial in 2024.

List of Lorain County Commissioners