Willow Creek Watershed – GLRI Funded Projects

The Lorain County Commissioners applied for and received a grant for $600,000 to restore the stream that runs through Eaton Township Park and enhance wetland habitat at Margaret Peak Preserve in Eaton Township. With support and collaboration of the Lorain County Storm Water Management District and the Eaton Township Trustees, these two sites have been greatly enhanced. The Stream Restoration at Eaton Twp park is visible from SR82 and included the establishment of flood plain, bench, wetland basin, riffles and native plantings. Combined these actions will improve the water quality of the Willow Creek Watershed that flows into the Black River and out into Lake Erie.

The expanded floodplain and bench will slow down water flows, reduce the amount of erosion and sediment in the water and the bench with adjacent flood plain will allow for additional sediment capture along with nutrient absorption and heavy metals absorption. Installation of the riffles provides habitat for in-stream animals and bugs such as crayfish.

Willow Creek Stream Restoration Project, Eaton Township Communityh Park, Funding provided by USEPA