Controlling Your Dog


At all times - The Ohio Revised Code 955.22 specifies that all dogs must be kept confined to your property or under reasonable control at all times. Allowing your dog to run out the door, for instance, is not normally considered reasonable control. Walking outside with your dog is.


Everywhere - The confinement law is a State requirement, so a dog must be controlled in both urban and rural areas of the county. Municipalities may have additional regulations regarding dog control.


As a courtesy to others and to protect your dog - Imagine how your neighbor must feel when your dog runs through his garden, defecates in his yard, knocks over his trash can, or bites his child. In rural areas, imagine if you were the farmer who had just had his animals killed or injured by dogs. All of these things can and do happen in Lorain County.

It is the fault of no one except the irresponsible dog owner. It is also dangerous for your dog to run at large. Dogs are no match for cars. The dog owner is held responsible for both personal injury and property damage done by their dog.