Notary License

A notary public (also known as a notary or public notary), in the common law world, is a public officer constituted by law to serve the public in non-contentious matters usually concerned with estates, deeds, powers-of-attorney, and foreign and international business.

Once licensed, a notary can perform the following: 

  • Administer oaths and affirmations
  • Take affidavits and statutory declarations
  • Witness and authenticate the execution of certain classes of documents
  • Take acknowledgments of deeds and other conveyances
  • Protest notes and bills of exchange
  • Provide notice of foreign drafts
  • Prepare marine or ship's protests in cases of damage
  • Provide exemplifications and notarial copies
  • Perform certain other official acts, depending on the jurisdiction

Any such act is known as a notarization.

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If you are interested in obtaining a notary license to become a notary public, please contact the Lorain County Clerk of Courts' Office. They are located on the First Floor of the Lorain County Justice Center (225 Court Street, Elyria, OH 44035). The Civil Division of the Clerk of Courts (Room 105) handles civil case filings, appellate case filings, and notary public applications. Their office hours are Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 4:30 pm. For more information, please call the Clerk of Courts' Office at 440-329-5536, or fax: 440-328-2416.